Poker Tells

Whether you are playing live in a poker room or playing online in a tournament, there are some common and uncommon poker tells which you can find in your opponent to know what sort of hands he or she is holding.
If you know what kind of poker hands your opponent is holding you would be winning more hands and losing less. If you pay close attention your opponent may tell you through poker tells what they have in your hands.

Poker Tells
Top 10 Poker Tells

Stack of Chips – A very neat stack of chips mean the player is tight (plays very less but really good hands) and conservative. Messy and un-organized stack of chips means that player is a loose player (tries to play more hands, even with not-so-good cards) and is willing to gamble.
If a player makes a messy bet (bets are not properly stacked up and falling here and there) and then takes time to straighten the stack, he is probably bluffing.
How a person is buying chips on the table gives hint on how the person is going to play. If he is asking in a loud voice for the chips, telling everybody that he is buying chips, he is going to go aggressive. On the other hand, if a player just brings in money from the wallet without showing people what is there in his wallet (and without making much noise), that is a poker tell for conservative and conscious player.
PokerClack – It’s a very low sad sound a person makes on the table after seeing his hands or after seeing the flop. This means they have really got the hands they were looking for. But they want to show that they did not get it.
Where a player looks after the flop is major poker’s tell. The players that look away from the flop have strong hands. Similarly the poker players who keep staring at the flop or their cards have weak hands.
If a poker player glances its chips after after a card (of flop) is revealed, the probability is that the player has really good hands.
If players checks the hole cards after the flop, it usually means that they are checking for the suited cards. Players usually remember the ranks of their cards but necessarily the suits. When they have to double check, it is to see if they have one of that suit. This is one of the very common poker tells.
A shoulder shrug, or a sigh or any action that indicate sadness usually means that player has good cards. They are simply acting you to try to get you called.
If you see somebody looking more nervous than normal and still betting, this nervous betting usually accompanies a strong hand.
How to find out whether you opponent is bluffing? This one of the most common poker tells can help you find out. As your opponent begins to bet, simply try to reach for your chips with your hand. If your opponent has a strong hand, he is going to hurry up in his bet. But the opponent who is bluffing, is going to hesitate, back down and look back his cards, think it over, and then will bet. So try to double their bets and most probably they are out.
If you are lucky enough to spot any of these poker tells, you would really have a huge advantage on the poker table. Never tell any player that how did you picked out what his/her hands are. If you tell, they may stop giving those poker tells to you.
When the flop comes, make sure you are watching your opponent and the flop itself. The flop will still be there later, but the poker tells of your opponent may not be.

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