Recognizing A Gambling Problem

With the number of people from all walks of life turning to gambling these days, there have been a rise in gambling addiction than ever before.

Addictive gambling can show themselves in various ways. For some, they will have all the signs and symptoms of their problem and some people may only exhibit one. Gambling addiction is not limited only to a certain game, but to all games of chance.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that whatever state of life one is going through right now does not mean that there is a heavy problem to deal with. Many people can have a serious addiction and still lead normal lives and appear to be fine. This is only an indication that the person has not fully realized the situation and is slowly catching up with them.

Most people who are in the addiction state slowly stop mingling with their friends who are not also into their addiction. If a person suddenly develops a frustrated attitude and starts lashing out to friends for no apparent reason very often, one has starred to isolate oneself is a sure sign of the addiction.

One thing that one can look for in suspected addicts is their over eagerness to know the latest scores in sports and may become happy or sad after doing so. Major mood swings are a n indication of a addicted gambler. Any low or high score can set them off.

A major sign of the addiction is a person who constantly is on the lookout for other sources of money and is always resorting to borrowing but never paying the amount back. Sometimes the person may be seen with a large wad of bills from out of nowhere.

Lying and stealing become the signs that point to a confirmed gambling addiction. These people make up excuses for their behavior and try to justify them. People living with a gambling problem often fins items around the house start vanishing and cannot be found anywhere.

Personal items that were once noticed in their homes are gone and when asked about it, they insist that things had to be sold in order to defray some expense but have actually been used in their gambling

Gambling addiction has many other signs but the ones mentioned are the most common symptoms which point to a major gambling addiction.

The way to break the addiction is the same as breaking alcoholism. It need the support of friends and family to help the addict along. Unless help is given the gambler becomes a total recluse – devoid of family.

Being jobless and homeless are the end results of gamblers who have let their problems gone on for some time without being treated. If further unchecked, the health of the person suffers and may eventually lead to more complications.

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